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China Manufacturing

Manufacturing in China is an increasingly popular option for Australian businesses wanting to take advantage of potential lower production costs. However, leaping in without experience can be costly. No business process is risk free, but taking on sourcing activities without the right processes in place is just plain risky. Finding the right manufacturer, setting up the process and getting goods delivered to your door can prove complex and time-consuming for those with no experience of the Chinese market and culture. Novice mistakes can lead to sub-optimal products that do not meet your specifications and a bill for goods you cannot use.

Strategic Sourcing Australia helps business owners, inventors and producers to take full advantage of the cost savings that can be harnessed through China manufacturing. We have extensive experience of production in Chinese factories gained by our Director David Bonython during his time living in Beijing. In the last 10 years he has assisted many Australian businesses in setting up their products for manufacturing in China. By using Strategic Sourcing’s services you can optimise your China manufacturing outcomes whilst ensuring you realise the cost advantages you are looking for. Get the benefit of our years of experience, Chinese language and cultural skills and the added peace of mind that comes with twice yearly factory Inspections.

What We Do

We work closely with you to understand your product and then select the best-fit factory that will provide you with an optimal solution; balancing quality production outcomes with cost efficiencies. Our step-by-step process allows you to build confidence in the manufacturing process and ensures that the factory responsible for the manufacture of your goods completes it according to your specifications.
We optimise quality outcomes by:

  • Utilising a range of communication methods to satisfy ourselves and you that the factory understand your products and manufacturing processes.
  • Implementing a process of regular quality control and feedback so you know that you will receive what you have ordered.
  • Working with you to develop detailed specifications to ensure your product is made the right way with the right materials.
  • Using legal documents and contracts in Chinese(translated for you to English) so you know that you are protected in China.
  • Regularly visiting the factories to check personally that products are being produced for our clients as required.

The Process

We have a tried and tested process honed over 10 years of delivering successful outcomes to Australian businesses:

  1. Design and Define your product – no matter what stage you are at in your design process we can help. We will work with you to take your design specs from where they are to develop clear production specifications that the factory will understand.
  2. Select a suitable factory – with many established relationships in place with Chinese factories we select the best-fit based on: the size of your production run; the skills needed; and, your budget requirements. We always complete background verification and reputation checks.
  3. Communicate specifications to the factory – we discuss the production specifications with the factory to ensure they understand the process, raw materials, packaging needs, order quantity and quality standards.
  4. Obtain a quote – once we are confident that the factory fully understands the process and specifications, we obtain a full quote and further set out for you full import costs including duties and shipping so there are no surprises.
  5. Produce Samples– before going to a full production run we will order samples. We will monitor progress, make any payments on your behalf, liaise with the factory directly throughout, and adjust the specifications with you based on the outcomes.
  6. Develop a Quality Control Manual (in Chinese and English) – the sampling process allows us to complete a detailed Quality Control Manual for the factory to ensure that all workers and managers involved in your manufacturing fully understand required outcomes.
  7. Launch production run – only once fully satisfied that the factory understands your requirements, will we order a production run. We will liaise with the factory on your behalf throughout the production process keeping you up-to-date with progress, completing ongoing quality control and communicating directly with the factory to resolve any issues quickly. We will complete all administration functions on your behalf completing all forex payments to the factory giving you peace of mind that your money is going to the right place.
  8. Shipping, Importing and local delivery – we organise shipping, import and delivery to your warehouse taking pressure out of dealing with customs and shipping companies for you.
  9. Capture lessons learned – on final delivery of your product we will complete a detailed review with you to capture any lessons learned and adjust specifications and the Quality Control Manual for future production runs.

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Our unique combination of an Australian owned and operated business with a Mandarin speaking Director with extensive experience of Chinese business culture means you can be sure you maximise your production outcomes and cost savings. Call us now to find out how our business can help yours.

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