Assisted Buying & Sourcing

Assisted Buying & Sourcing in China


China Buying Service

Like any area of business there are lessons to be learnt, often the hard way, when it comes to purchasing goods overseas. Our Buying Service will help you find a supplier of goods, or we can work with a supplier that you have found, to save you time and money, hassle and worry. An overseas supplier often does not understand local standards and safety requirements for products, nor are they aware of all the miscellaneous local port and shipping charges associated with processing and importing your shipment. To save you from some of this grief, we can:

  • Help you find a supplier, or we can work with one that you have found
  • Negotiate and communicate with the supplier in their language
  • Book the international freight
  • Add in quality control checks
  • Take care of all the fiddly details of customs clearance, foreign currency exchange & importing
  • Arrange local delivery of the goods to your door

China Sourcing Service

Sourcing customised goods brings more layers of complexity than just buying an existing product overseas. It is important to use clear communication, well documented specifications coupled with a methodical attention to detail. Without these attributes in place, you risk introducing miscommunications leading to a shipment of goods that are not made the way you wanted them. The tendency in these cases is to blame “the China factor”, when it was actually an avoidable situation. By working with you on clearly defining what you want, communicating that to the factory in a manner that is suitable for them, and following up with checks and balances to ensure everyone is on the same page, we make sure that what you ordered is what you receive in your warehouse. Click here to read more about Shipping to Your Door or contact us today.