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An Industry Leader in Innovative Product Development, Outsourcing and Manufacturing Solutions


Are you a business owner curious about how much you will save by outsourcing your production in Asia? Or an inventor, ready to take the plunge?
Strategic Sourcing Australia is an Industry Leader in Innovative Product Development, Outsourcing and Manufacturing Solutions. For over 8 years, our team has built a network of contacts throughout China, Taiwan, Thailand and Pakistan to provide assistance in all facets of production from manufacturing to delivery.

If outsourcing is your enquiry – Strategic Sourcing Australia is your answer!
Let Strategic Sourcing Australia make your outsourcing experience hassle free and cost effective.


Here’s what we can offer

  • An Initial Feasibility Assessment of your idea
  • Designing and Development Assistance
  • Producing Prototypes & Models to test the concept
  • Designing the Presentation & Packaging to make it look great on the shelf


Now that you are well on your way
– here’s the next steps

  • Assessing IP Protection Strategies to keep your idea safe
  • Identifying and Negotiating with a Manufacturer that suits your needs
  • Project Managing the production with low or high volume orders
  • Maintaining Quality Control so the goods that arrive are at the standard you specified

Can your business afford to experiment and dabble in a completely new endeavor without any guidance?


With our years of experience in creating cost effective and timely solutions, Strategic Sourcing Australia is one of the most innovative sourcing companies in Australia.
There is no doubt that business owners wanting to outsource their production need the type of experience that we provide. The horror stories of offshore sourcing are not fabricated, they can happen. But we believe many can be attributed to inexperience and a lack of preparation on the part of the buyer. This is where Strategic Sourcing Australia can make a difference: to ensure that your final product meets all of your requirements.

Need help in China? Experience the Strategic Sourcing Australia difference!

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