China Factory Visit

China Factory Visits

Our China Factory Visits held in April were fully booked and very successful for our clients. Call us now on 02 4962 1881 to discuss your needs and book for our October 2014 tour. A key component of Strategic Sourcing Australia’s service is ensuring we stay in touch with what is happening in the factories used to manufacturer our clients’ goods. As part of bi-annual round of factory inspection tours, our Managing Director, David Bonython, will be visiting China in October 2014 and has a few slots available for either half or full day factory inspection visits. Strategic Sourcing Australia can make a factory visit on your behalf enabling you to get the information you need without having to invest in the expense of visiting China yourself. After living in China for 4 years, David speaks Mandarin and has been facilitating successful working relationships between Australian businesses and Chinese manufacturers for over 8 years.

What We Do

Prior to the inspection trip, we would spend time with you to ensure that we understand your project in detail, where you are in your business cycle and all required production standards and values. We would work with you closely to clearly define your objective of performing a factory visit. The visit will be performed with your specific objective in mind whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been producing in China for some time.

Who Would Benefit

If you are thinking about manufacturing a product in China, or already manufacture in China, your company would benefit from a China factory visit by Strategic Sourcing Australia. At any stage of the development or manufacturing process, a China factory visit by Strategic Sourcing Australia can ensure that you maximise your production outcomes. Whether you are in the early stages of product development and wanting to understand what your options are, or looking to source a manufacturer or already manufacturing a mature product, we can help. Factory visits can be completed:

  • At product development stage to scope preliminary manufacturing enquiries;
  • At product prototype stage to confirm production processes;
  • At product launch to price potential suppliers and confirm production processes and lead times;
  • During production to check production processes are in accordance with your instructions and manufacturing standards;
  • During or after production to negotiate future rates;
  • During or after production to resolve any issues you may have.

Why Do a Factory Visit?

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand foreign production environments. We understand Chinese business culture, and can act as a mediator between your business and your Chinese counterparts and ensure that your production needs and standards are fully understood. Clients see short-term quick wins including: being able to quickly access and assess potential suppliers; speeding up of the production process; easier resolution of issues; and, avoidance of delays. The long-term benefitsto clients of our factory visits include: a strengthening of the relationship between their business and their Chinese factory; reduced lead time and delays; improvement in quality outcomes; and, a deeper understanding of the Australian businesses’ production requirements by the factory. After our visit, communication often becomes easier and more effective. Typical outcomes for our clients include:

  • Discovered that a factory had access to better quality components, allowing the client to maintain an edge over his competitors;
  • Quickly resolved several assembly issues for a Velcro based product
  • Assessed samples of previous spun metal work and confirmed that the factory could produce goods of the right quality.

What You Will Receive

We will prepare a report that summarises the outcome of any discussions held on your behalf and outlining the status of your project and general factory conditions. We always document our discussions, and take photos of the factory so you can stay fully informed.
If you would like to enquire about a China Factory Visit in October 2014 please call David on 02 4962 1881 today.
Hurry as places are filling up fast.