Affordable Manufacturing Options

Affordable Manufacturing Options

Let Strategic Sourcing Australia open the door to new options for your manufacturing and production needs, so you can focus on running your business and remain competitive in today’s challenging marketplace. We can assist in finding that one part you need for your product, right through to project managing your whole production, delivered into your warehouse. We work with items as diverse as textiles through to technology, and are currently sourcing manufacturing for a wide range of items including:

  • Industrial machinery,
  • Plastic and metal components,
  • Fine custom jewellery,
  • Industrial textile products,
  • High tolerance mechanical components,
  • Unique sporting goods, and
  • Custom leather business stationery.

Tackling Difficult Projects

We specialise in handling difficult products that require innovative thinking to work out how to manufacture them. We are very good at seeking out the odd-ball solutions and specialist suppliers and combining them to get your product made affordably.

Arranging Low Volume Orders

New products often require low volume orders to test the market with. We are often able to work with the factories to get an initial lower volume order. This avoids leaving you with a shed full of widgets if your initial sales projections are off.

Project Managing Larger Orders

We choose factories that are matched to your production needs, in particular, the volume of your orders. It would be foolish to send large orders to a small factory and vice versa. The correct choice of factory will impact the importance of your order to them, and their ability to up their production to match your future needs.

Handling Overflow Production

Some of our clients choose us to handle their high volume lower value add items, which can tie up their production lines. By using lower cost base manufacturing, they can focus on their higher value add, higher profit margin areas.

Coordination with the Factories

Throughout our process you can be comfortable that we actively consider all your standard requirements, deal with any language and cultural barriers that arise and handle the negotiations with the factories. Our international experience and Asian language skills allow us to use work with a range of companies across China, Taiwan, Thailand and right here in Australia.

Quality Control

People often think that quality control is about checking the goods before they leave the factory, but by this time it’s too late to correct many of the issues that can be encountered around choice of materials purchased and the manufacturing techniques used. Good quality procedures start at the beginning of the project and are built into the process along the way, to help in avoiding surprises at the end. We take the time to work with you and the factory to ensure that your quality expectations are heard, documented and communicated to the factory, saving you from costly surprises when you finally open the first box.

Customs, Shipping & Importing

We can also arrange all shipping and local delivery, including customs clearance, duty payments and any importation costs. Click here to read more about Shipping to Your Door or contact us today.