Case Studies

Metal Components with Bright Chrome Finish

Our Client Required small mechanical components with high quality bright chrome and matt powder coated finishes. Success of this project relied on the parts having tight tolerances and fitting together seamlessly. As the product was new to market, the initial order quantities were low. The client also required a strategy for additional protection of their patented design. We Sourced two separate manufacturers capable of providing the required level of finish at a competitive price, and in low volumes. The components were split between the two factories, shipped independently, with final assembly taking place in Australia, providing isolation and additional protection of the client’s Intellectual Property. When checking the drawings, we identified several inconsistencies in the measurements, and were able to have these corrected, prior to samples being made, saving time and money and avoiding frustration for the client. Key Outcomes:

  • Supplied high grade components at a competitive price,
  • Low volume production runs
  • Provided additional protection for the client’s IP
  • Savings of hundreds of dollars and weeks of time through understanding the client’s product


High Grade Finish Timber Presentation Boxes

Our Client Was Developing a brand new concept for a custom range of quality timber presentation boxes to contain food items. The designs were still at the conceptual stage. Initial orders were to be low volume. The client had tried another sourcing channel in Vietnam and was not satisfied with the quality or the service supplied. We Sourced a suitable Chinese manufacturer with direct experience making this line of product. The manufacturer was willing to give time to developing the client’s product lines and to initially produce lower volumes. We worked with the client to produce accurate drawings, choose surface finishes and hardware items. The quality produced was first class, and used low emission and low toxicity glues to avoid tainting the sensitive contents. Key Outcomes:

  • Client delighted with the appearance and quality of finish
  • Products safe for storage of food items
  • Low initial volume, to assist with client’s cash flow

Electrical Component with Tight Tolerances

Our Client Needed a high quality, high tolerance, custom electrical component from a trusted source. In addition, they wanted a method to discourage others from copying their product. We Sourced a specialist manufacturer with decades of industry experience in this highly specific field. The new manufacturer identified an improved way of building the component, which minimised problems. This improvement required a small change to the customer’s assembly technique, but as a result, we were able to supply a high-grade component with increased performance and reliability ratings compared to the existing component. In addition, we co-ordinated a third party supplier to provide a method of adding a built in security feature, which could not be easily removed. This was all provided at a lower cost. Key Outcomes:

  • Better reliability
  • Improved performance
  • Built in security features to deter IP fraud
  • Cost saving of 30%

Time Saving Electrical Sub-Assembly

Our Client Needed to keep the price of their export product competitive by minimising time spent on tedious assembly of multiple electrical components. The client also spent a lot of time ordering, tracking and stocking components from more than a dozen different companies, which was not their strongest skill set and was distracting them from the core business of developing and selling their product. This was the most significant and hidden cost of the process We Arranged to manufacture a sub-set of components, which were formed into a complete, ready to drop in Sub-Assembly. Construction time alone was reduced by 75%, lowering the production cost, keeping the product competitive as the Australian dollar was rising, plus allowing their technical staff to spend more time on product development. Key Outcomes:

  • Construction time reduced by 75%
  • Major component cost reduced by 40%


High Quality Plastic Retail Packaging

Our Client Wantedan affordable upgrade for their retail packaging, to coincide with the release of a completely new model. The packaging comprised plastic injection moulded parts, plus a full colour printed PVC tube. It was still being refined and required work on choice of materials and construction techniques. The client had invested a lot in the design, producing a high quality result, and needed affordable manufacturing. We Workedwith the client, their Graphic Artist and their Industrial Designer to finalise construction details, including:

  • Working with the factory to provide samples of gluing and welding options for the PVC tube
  • Assisting with the choice of plastic used for the injection moulding
  • Trialling different thicknesses of PVC and size of locking tabs

The cost effective moulding and production allowed the client to spend more on marketing their new product. Key Outcomes:

  • A high quality, striking retail package which was attractive to major retailers
  • A successful collaborative effort with the client’s existing suppliers
  • Affordable packaging produced for a fraction of the product’s cost

Retail Ready Textile Product

Our Client Was Looking for a manufacturing service to produce a complete ‘Retail Ready’ textile item. The product itself was fully developed and tested, but required some effort in artwork development and packaging choices. The choice of fabric and the method of stitching used were critical to the success of the product. The client had tried samples from a supplier in Indonesia and commented that the quality was “awful”. We Helpedthe client find a suitable graphic designer to complete their printed colour inserts and instruction card. We then provided several different retail packaging options. A manufacturer was sourced, with specific experience in working with stretch fabrics. The item was produced, Quality Control checked, shipped and delivered to the client’s front door. Key Outcomes:

  • Assisted with finding a suitable graphic designer to handle their artwork
  • Found a manufacturer with the right skillset to handle their product
  • Produced a complete Retail Ready product including packaging, inner, outer cartons